Light Shadow

Light Shadow Adjustable Trim 2L

Designed by FLOS Architectural

Flos introduces Light Shadow, a revolution in low-glare lighting. A patented and unique optical solution in this new family reaches extreme cut off angles without sacrificing efficiency. The optics have been designed exclusively by FLOS and guarantee maximum control and uniformity of the beam. Light Shadow is a downlight that can be perfectly incorporated into any architecture because of its extraordinarily compact size that allows the integration even when there is a minimum space. The collection is available in 2/4/8/ or 12 spots, trimmed or trimless, and fixed or adjustable. It can be mounted in a continuous row. The Light Shadow 4 spot is also available as Wall-washer and as a light element for Running Magnet 2.0.

Ceiling Recessed Trim
LED Brand
Beam Angle
10°, 23°, 33° and 46°
Lumen Output
433lm to 476lm
Color Temperature
2700K, 3000K
Black / Black
Black / Chrome
Black / White
Black / Gold
White / Black
White / Chrome
White / White
White / Gold
IP Rating
IP20, IP44
cULus, CCEA Chicago Plenum
Power Supply

LED power supply source integral on housing

Splice box, 1% dim, 0-10V, 120V

Splice box, 1% dim, 0-10V, 277V

Splice box, 10% dim, ELV, 120V


Airtight Housing:

Housing input voltage 120V-277V

Control Standard 0-10V dimming 1% linear


Non IC:

The fixture is constant current, low voltage 5.2W LED with integral power supply

Available with splice box, containing 0-10V dimmable constant current driver or ELV driver



Integral LED board is not field replaceable.

3500K and other CCT available but not cataloged. Consult factory for additional color temperatures.

Maximum till angle is 30°

Black reflector provides the greatest comfort level


Airtight Housing:

Airtight Listed housing for new construction only.

CCEA, Chicago Plenum standard 0-10V dimmable. Consult with factory for ELV option.

IC-rated downlight for direct insulation contact.