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Light Cut Mini

Perimeter Profile

Designed by FLOS Architectural

The Light Cut Mini is a linear cove lighting system comprising a knife-edge extruded profile which integrates perfectly in drywall ceilings. The spot modules are track mounted and slide along the profile for maximum flexibility. A cove housing is created on the job site by the contractors. The system is available in two sizes depending on the installation. It has accessories for visual comfort optimization and color filters. The system can be utilized as a cove in the middle of the ceiling or perimeter channels.

39.375", 78.74"
IP Rating

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Spot modules have integral power supplies which connect via permanently attached cables and are track mounted on one or both sides of the cove

Spot modules wattage is model dependent

Track is line voltage

Optional Accessories

Vertical Corner Anchorage


  • FLOS Light Cut Mini Profile Install
  • FLOS Light Cut Mini Spot Modules Install